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The Vertex by Fairbow

The Vertex by FairbowThe Vertex by Fairbow

'The Vertex' By Fairbow is a redefined Reflex deflex longbow. When braced it shows a true D-shaped profile fitting an American Longbow.
Tapered and tempered Bamboo cores (supercore) make these bows very light, and assures a fast shot.

Normally we make these with our narrow pistol grip for both left or right handed archers, but upon special request we can also make special shape grips for you, shallow locator, concave, straight it is not a problem. these bows are not mass produced. Every one is a unique piece.

At times we have special woods available to make hybrids, and then veneer shown is an actual working core. Osage, Yew, Ceder are well known woods we can use in the special Hybrids.

The bows are no longer than 68 inch length, catering for max drawlength of 32 inch. We feel this is ideal for this type of bow and the archery style that comes with it.
When you need a longer drawlength we will alter both the stack depth as the length of the bow. This is never a problem.
The Vertex is always well varnished. preferably by a satin to matt 2K varnish. When so requested a high gloss can be applied to.
The grip area is covered with our special 'Sure-Grip'coating. Come mud or rain, this makes the bow stick to your hand and the grip solid like you want it to be.

The nocks of the bow have been adapted to the new 'No-Stack' shape. and even with these shorter bows the string does not get caught in the grooves at the end of the draw.



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