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Iíve been shooting field for about 5 years now, EFAA, NFAS and IFAA, in HT, BHR and AFB classes. I found a combination of shafts that work well with my various bows by carefully selecting sources and materials, matching grain weights, wood types and spine testing the shafts, then bare shaft testing of course. However, the recent closure of my usual supplier saw me looking for new materials that matched the quality and†consistency that I was used to.†
Then, I found the feather cutting templates you supply. Iím happy to tell you that theyíve helped me create arrows that exactly match the specification I need, consistently, and Iíve saved a large amount of money in the process.
Simply by buying full length feathers (again from you), using the 3Ē banana and 4Ē parabolic super fast template shapes has seen me save 60% against buying exactly the same thing from other shops that sell pre-cut feathers. The templates are really easy to use, I can see what Iím doing as I do it, and the amount of waste is almost zero. The template and rotary knife method delivers really good, consistent results every time.

Thank you for a wonderful tool.

Peter Barclay.

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Toegevoegd op donderdag 03 november, 2016.


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