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Custom made reflex-deflex boog met fiberglas "The Vertex"

€549.00 Incl. BTW
€453.72 Excl. BTW

"There are few reviews of this bow anywhere, which, now being the proud
owner of one I find incredible.

I ordered a Vertex through a UK distributer (The Archery Shop - other
distributers are available) with a potential 12 -16 week waiting time, which
I was comfortable with. The bow arrived in 5 weeks!

Through the distributer you can?t specify a selection of wood, so what the
bow would ultimately look like was left to the imagination. The main body of
the riser is rosewood, the handle in bamboo with a veneer of eucalyptus on
the belly. It's a truly beautiful bow.

I currently own three bows and have previously owned a few more and I can
safely say the build quality of this bow is absolutely exceptional, it looks
exactly what it is . . . hand finished . . . with care.

My Vertex is 46lbs at 28" and has zero stack, no hand shock and is seriously
quick. I have a recurve at 55lbs and although I've not had chance to compare
them on a chrony the Vertex feels as quick.

None of my other bows have even been looked at since I received it, I can't
put it down, it's just lovely to shoot. Why there aren't more people raving
about this bow on the internet I just don't know.

After all this, I have a slight niggle, and the bow it's just so
astonishingly good I'm almost embarrassed to mention it.

My advice to anyone considering this bow is absolutely don't hesitate,
you'll immediately fall in love with it. However please bear in mind the
arrow rest is absolute bobbins. It's an incredibly thin piece of felt that
was peeling off after only a few arrows brushed past it. I replaced it with
a calf hair rest (which is always my preferred choice) for a couple of
pounds. A beautiful handmade bow, quality string, bow bag, hand signed
paperwork just to scrimp on an arrow rest left me scratching my head. Such a
small thing though, as I said I'm almost sorry to bring it up.

Thank you Fairbow, I put my faith in you and your reputation on this
purchase as I had never even held a Vertex before I ordered it. You have
absolutely delivered"
Datum toegevoegd: 02/12/2016 door mag?n klomp

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