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*DVD Making the English Longbow made simple (engelstalig)*

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It is always nice to see your favorite bowyer on your tv screen or pc screen.

As a Frenchman I'd get a little scared by the enthousiastic way in which Jim is speaking about shooting on a Frenchman on the battlefield.

The DVD has everything you would look for, since I have worked with Mag?n in his shop I know all the inside jokes so they made me laugh! I hope others will have the same. Mag?n and Jim tell it the way it is. You will often hear a lot of people talk dirty about bowyers. This DVD clearly shows how to make a longbow! I can tell from experience that this method works! Wood stays wood, it?s a product of nature and therefore

Follow all the tips and hints which Mag?n and Jim give you and your bow will be fast as lightning and destructive as a Longbow can be.

As mentioned before, knowing Mag?n in person, if there is any question left unanswered I am sure he will gladly help you!

I'd say buy it!


Vincent V.
Datum toegevoegd: 23/02/2011 door Vincent Veenenberg

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